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Monday Date Night Specials

Here are the best Minneapolis and Saint Paul date night deals on Mondays.

Half Price Wine: al Vento

This cozy little Italian restaurant is the answer for anyone in the Nokomis area who is looking to raise a glass. In the summer months, we highly recommend sitting on the patio while you share your half-price bottle of wine. If you are feeling really wild, drink it with a side of Sonny’s gelato.

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Half Price Wine: Christos

Christos stands out amongst our wine deals with their particular speciality in – what else – Greek wines. While they also offer wines from other regions, their menu is filled with wines that will perfectly pair with your entree. Buy an entree and that authentic Greek (…or other) wine is half off.

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Half Price Wine: Cafe Ena

If you have been curious about the Latin fusion cuisine this restaurant serves (and who isn’t!), Sundays and Mondays might be the ideal nights for you. You can feel good about the food you are eating alongside your half-price wine, as this restaurant focuses on having locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

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Half Price Wine: Sparks

Nestled in the cozy Bryn Mawr neighborhood, Sparks’ features fire-roasted cuisine prepared in a wood-burning stove. While their overall menu features reasonable prices, you can also experience half-off bottles of wine on Sundays and Mondays.

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Half Price Wine: O’Gara’s

Cash in on the luck of the Irish on Monday nights in Saint Paul. Stop by the classic Saint Paul joint and grab a bottle of wine for half of the normal price. If you think you might be utilizing this deal frequently, you might also want to sign up for O’Gara’s Rewards to earn even more deals in the future.

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Half Price Wine: Wilde Cafe & Spirits

It is easy to say that the namesake of this cafe, Oscar Wilde, lived a full life. Let he himself be an inspiration to venture out on a Sunday and/or Monday to the beautiful St. Anthony Main area to share a bottle of fine. While this might not count as a grand adventure, I think Oscar would allow the little ones to count, too.

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Half Price Wine: Marin Restaurant

Marin Restaurant not only takes on Mondays, they straight up celebrate them. From lunch time onwards, join in on the celebration with a half price bottle of wine. Any of the bottles under $100 are subject to this deal!

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Half Price Wine: Roat Osha

Right in the heart of uptown, Roat Osha offers a casual yet sophisticated Thai food experience. On three days of the week, they also offer half-off bottles of wine to go along with this cuisine.

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Half Price Wine: Eat Street Social

Not only does this place offer a long wine list for you to choose a half price bottle of wine from, it has the ambiance to fit a variety of moods. Sit at the classic bar, the classy dining area, the festive tiki room, or the European-esque patio: the wine will be equally delicious wherever it is that you choose.

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Half Price Wine: Kafe 421

Dine in Grecian fashion and top if off with a half-off bottle of wine. This Greek restaurant features an international wine list, so make sure to bring your global taste buds along for the ride.

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Half Price Wine: Sea Change

Come 5 p.m. on a Monday, you deserve to give a toast to yourself for making it through the first day of the week. Celebrate with a half price bottle of wine at this downtown restaurant boasting a James Beard award winning chef.

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Half Price Wine: Pizza Nea

They say that pizza & beer is a classic combo, but pizza & wine is its only special combination. Buy one pizza and you can pair it with a half-price bottle of wine on Mondays and Tuesdays. For the Neapolitan pizza lovers out there, this is not a deal to pass up.

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Half Price Wine: Pizza Luce Uptown

Find yourself craving the Pizza Luce’s famous artichoke dip? We find ourselves thinking of it frequently. Quench that (hunger) thirst on Monday nights, and you can quench your thirst thirst at the same time with a half price bottle of wine.

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Enjoy a four to five course dinner, including dessert and/or cheese course for just $32.

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Bryant Lake Bowl

Head to Bryant Lake Bowl on Monday evening for two entrees, a bottle of wine or a few beers, and one round of bowling.

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Broders’ Pasta Bar

Broders’ date night features a half bottle of selected white or red wine, your choice of two pastas off a select menu, two small salads, and an olive appetizer.

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